Jun 24

Day 9:First Sunday in Malaysia

Salam alaykoum!

My name is Sara and I’m  a 24 year old student from Borås, Sweden

Our first Sunday in Malaysia started with a few hours more sleep that was highly needed! Our Sunday was not lazy like in Sweden though because we headed straight to mega mall and Chinatown to eat and do some shopping. We came back tired but in a good mood and had some quality time in one of our rooms. Talking, laughing and getting to know each other. It is still difficult to go to bed early for the lectures but I guess it takes a few days to feel that you’re not missing anything fun to do. We also got in to a routine of waking up and praying fajr together which is beautiful. By now we are also traveling around town on our own and being very independent which is positive. Only a week in Malaysia and we are managing ourselves. This month will be a very interesting experience with study, another climate, new people and far away from home.



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