Jun 25

Day 10: Our second Monday here in Malaysia

Assalamu wa3aleikum warhamatullahu wabarakatu, my name is Selwa Abdu and I will soon be 19 years old in August the 7th. I just graduated high school which in my point of view is a perfect timing to join sma summer camp 2013. It’s an opportunity for me to get an insight about different aspects about Islam and see if this is something I want to continue study at a university.

Today is our second Monday and it feels surreal that we have been here for almost a week. It feels somehow so much longer but at the same time very short. We have so far finished two courses, one about the sira of the prophet and the other one is Islamic worldview. The two exams went good allhamdulillah but I fear that the next two courses will require more studying. Those two courses we study now are Islamic creed and Islamic ethics and Sufism. We are also studying full time this week which means from 9 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon. Today we had Quran lessons that were two hours long but these lessons are optional but I strongly advise to participate in these sessions. You get divided into groups according to your level and then you get taught based on your level of reading the quran with tajweed. We have had three lessons so far and I can already feel that I have improved.

After school, me and my new found friends, Shaima and Berfin went together with Yasir to megamall to buy badminton rackets and gym shoes we can play with. Our plan is to sometime this week play badminton but it will probably be inside, since the air has become polluted caused by natural forest fires from Indonesia and Singapore. Because of the contamination in the air, we have been told to wear masks at all times when we are outside. Many schools in Malaysia have been closed down but it isn’t that severe here in our area allhamdulilllah. Inshaallah it will rain soon and hopefully this week and the rest of the trip will be as wonderful as it has been so far.

Wa3aleikum Assalam / Selwa Abdu


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