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Day 15:Highlight of the trip!

Assalamo Aleikom Everybody!

This is Aya writing again and I have the privilege to tell you about our first trip outside Kuala Lumpur, our trip to Melaka.

The whole group, the coordinators, the students and some friends went in the morning by bus on a long yet pleasant trip.

Our special little guest was a little girl called Shasha showing in the picture! :) The cutest kid ever mashAllah! :)

Our Melaka trip was one we will late forget. It was a wonderful day filled with lots of activities, malay culture and of course view the beautiful city that was the heart of Malaysia.

The day before Melaka a few of us students went to the National Museum of Malaysia together with Ka Umu, one of our coordinators. In the beautiful museum they had a whole section to describe the growing of Melaka as a central seaport which unified the east to the west. I was fascinated with the rich culture and inheritance that Malaysia and Melaka has. And I was looking forward to visit the island of Melaka. :)


When arriving in Malaca the first thing we did was visit some forts and old buildings fort that was built by the portuguise and also by the hollandaise that left a historical memory. We could see traces of the architecture of the western colonization.

Melaka apparently wasn’t the only tourist attraction. A couple of Chinese tourists found us so interesting so they took lots of photos of us! Have they never seen hijabis before? :)

After that we wanted to see the city from a high point of view so we went up for a rotating sky view. We got to see the whole city of Melaka, which was full of water. They call Stockholm the city of water but Melaka is surely more of a water city…

Down we came and of course we had to ride a boat around the whole city. With the air in our hijabs we enjoyed the peaceful boat ride.

After the boat ride all of us went separate ways to eat and me, Imane and Ka Umu, Siti Sara and of course Shasha went to the Malaysian food court and ate delicious malay food. They told us that if you want to taste real malaysian food, here is where you get it. And it sure was delicious!


After an exhausting day we finally went to the highlight of the trip. We went to pray magrib prayer in the famous and beautiful Melaka Mosque above the water. We took lots of pictures together, prayed isha and enjoyed the view. See some of the beautiful pictures!


Our final stop was at a local Doorian and fruit shop. Finally we were going to taste the well heard about stinking fruit. I was the first one to try and I can say it was a strange feeling. It was smelling so bad but the taste was actually quite alright. Definitely worth another try!


Thank you for reading all of this and I hope you got an insight to our amazing day in Melaka.


Wasalaam! // Aya






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