Jul 01

Day 16. Visiting the Islamic Arts Museum and Orchid Garden.

Assalamu Alaykum

Today has been full of impressions and a lots of things to see at the Islamic Arts museum. The day also included a trip to the Orchid Garden and Berjaya Times Square.

Our day started out with me, Ummu, Selwa, Amal and ZamZam visiting the Islamic Arts Museum where we observed a lot of different artefacts such as Islamic books, scale models of the architecture of different mosques in different parts of the Islamic world, jewelleries and calligraphy gallery among others. The tour was very interesting as it gave me insight to Islamic history and art. It’s difficult to understand the effort and power will of the people that have made and maintained the objects. It gave me more insight into how little we actually know about Islamic history.  The tour was concluded with a trip to the souvenir shop. We thereafter went to the National Mosque nearby the gallery and prayed zuhr.

Ummu and me visited the Orchid garden, which supposedly have over 500 different orchids. Orchids are the most diverse family plant and the beauty cannot be simply described.  As a flower lover and enthusiast the experience could not get any better. After taking some amazing photos we joined the other  and decided to hit the shops at Times Square.

After many hours of walking we felt the hunger arose.  We went to a food court where we were offered a variety of food. My choice of dinner for today was salmon with fried potatoes and salad. Delicious! With more than 2000 boutiques and shops it was hard to not get lost.  When time reached 9 pm I, Amal and Zamzam decided to make our way back home after a long day of walking.




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