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Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision is to be able to offer an insight on the many different areas that are part of Islamic Studies. We would like to offer people a chance to become more aware of what Islamic Studies cover beyond the most common topics, spark their interest in learning more and showing one way of how and where they could learn more.

We also would like to provide European Muslims a chance to earn the pre-requisites to study Islamic Sciences abroad on a University level.

This is done by offering intensive courses on different levels through several summercamps starting with a very basic level. We are planning to be ready to offer an advanced level by 2014 which will serve as a merit when applying to do a masters within your field at an Islamic university in Malaysia and to other countries as well in the future Inshaallah!

Our long-time vision is to one day have enough scholars to educate our future Imams in Sweden who have good knowledge of  our specific situation and can be leaders and a natural part of the Swedish society.