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What’s the price?

The fee for Summer Camp 2013 has been set to;


For Swedish students:

  • 13 000 SEK for Swedish students that apply and pay half the fee amount before 1st of January 2013
  • 14 000 SEK for applications and/or first payment after the 1st of January .

For non-Swedish students, there’s an option to either:

1)      Pay the same amounts as the Swedish students and fly together with the Swedish students from Stockholm Arlanda airport. The student will then have to arrange for their trip to Stockholm at their own expense.

2)      Pay 900 USD and arrange your trip to and from Malaysia yourself at your own expense.


The fee covers:

  • The flight tickets from Stockholm to Kuala Lumpur and back.*
  • The tuition fees to API at UM (University Malaya).
  • Shared accommodation at a student dorm.
  • Transportation, food and potential fees during the mandatory field trips.

* The fee of 900 USD covers all of the above except the flight tickets.


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