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What is SMA-SC?

The SMA Summer Camp is a collaboration between Sveriges Muslimska Akademiker (SMA) and Academy of Islamic Studies (API) at University Malaya (UM) in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia.

The SMA Summer Camp is an intensive course in Islamic studies held during 5 weeks between June and July at API in KL. The course can best be described as an Advanced Introductory Course to Islamic Sciences on Academic level in English and is tailored for the needs of Muslim European students. English has been chosen as the language of instruction to give a better opportunity for non-Arab speaking students to learn Islamic Sciences. API has been chosen as the site of learning due to its renowned expertise in all branches of Islamic Studies, especially Fiqh.

The first SMA Summer Camp (SMA-SC2010) was held 15 June – 12 July 2010 with 19 participants.  This is the fourth time SMA is organizing a Summer Camp at basic level and for 2014 we will also be able to start the advanced level education in Islamic Sciences Inshaallah!

SMA is in charge of the application procedures, meaning that all prospective students have to fill out the Online Application form found on this Portal.