Application Procedures



For applicants in Sweden: 1. Fill in the SMA Summer Camp Application Form at the end of this page. 2. Pay the application fee of SEK200 (SEK100 for SMA’s member) to either one of the SMA accounts: PlusGiro: 51 33 13-7 BankGiro: 412-0507 Note: Please state your name and the code SC2013 in the message …

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Important Dates

The important dates for the SMA Summer Camp 2013: 20th October 2012 – The application is opened (the application processing fee is SEK 200 for non members (USD 30 for other European/International students outside Sweden), and SEK 100 for members : Non Refundable) 25th February 2013 – The application period is closed . 4th  March …

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Who can apply to this Course?

The requirement to enter this course is that the applicant is either a registered University Student at the time of application or an alumni/graduate of any higher learning institutions. Students active in associations and organizations are strongly encouraged to apply for this course. Students applying should also have at least a grade “Pass” (G) in …

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What’s the price?

The fee for Summer Camp 2013 has been set to;   For Swedish students: 13 000 SEK for Swedish students that apply and pay half the fee amount before 1st of January 2013 14 000 SEK for applications and/or first payment after the 1st of January . For non-Swedish students, there’s an option to either: …

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