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Aug 01

Ramadan Karim ♥

I miss Malaysia, I miss my sisters from Sweden and I sure do miss the coordinators from Malaysia. May Allah give you all jennah firdeus, amin ♥ I wish you a blessed month of Ramadan. I pray that Allah swt will forgive us and all the muslim over the world. And that He grants us …

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Jul 25

Raining in My Heart ~ ♥

Oh My God…. It’s finally came. I almost cry at airport. But I hold it back and like usual, it’s raining and flooding in my heart =’) I’m Thanks Allah for everything.. for giving me this golden opportunity.. and ask forgiveness from Him.. over the inappropriate things that I’ve done.. Yasir, Ummu, Radi and I …

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Jul 25

SMA-APIUM Summer Camp 2011 is now closed it’s curtains!

BismiLlaah, walhamdulillah,wassolaatu wassalaamu ‘ala RasuuliLlah First, thanks to Allah who made it happen again this year. Then, my thanks goes to Dr. Wan, API’s management, and all coordinators Ummu, Syahadah, Merima, Radi, Yasir and Ensar for all your hard work! May Allah reward you all greatly inshaAllah! To all students, congrats! I know that you …

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Jul 19

The last few days slipping by

It is 2.45am and I am not asleep yet. Just showing my solidarity and support to our friends who will be having exams tomorrow. I’ve seen the questions by the way, ehem ehem, Insya Allah all of you will do well, don’t forget to to ask for His help! As the days pass by, I …

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Jul 18

Last week in Kuala Lumpur

Salamualeykum everyone, I am trying to type the questions for the evaluation and came to think that it’s our last week here.. It feels like we just got here and the time has, as usual, gone incredibly quickly. But as they say, when you have fun the time passes quickly. Tomorrow we have our last …

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Jul 12

Day 22: Already?

Yep people, it is already the 22th day. Time and tide wait for no man, or woman for that matter. Anyway, I haven’t really thought of writing here, but I see that Merima is the only one so far who has so faithfully been putting up posts, so I decided to keep her company. So …

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Jul 11

Sleepless night

I do not know what time it is exactly but I think it is around 04:00. It is impossible for me to sleep. I made the mistake of leaving my bed sheets on laundry and have been sleeping on a not so fresh mattress. I have received one hundred bites all over the body and …

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Jul 06


As-salamualeykum to you all, Right now I’m sitting at my room and reflecting on this year’s trip and trying to see the biggest differences from last year’s summer camp to this year’s. There is so much that has happened and there is much that has improved since last year. The biggest difference this year is …

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Jul 05


Salam to all the participants, This is my first visit to this portal. It is nice and will always connect us all wherever we are. I would like to take this oppurtunity to welcome you all, althought it is a bit late. Hope the first half of the summer camp has been good and I …

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Jun 27

My new favorite place

After a long day in school I finally got the time to try our pool. It is wonderful!!! =) To swim and to feel the freedom of people not staring at me because of my hijab or burqini is amazing. Me and some of the sisters spent more than two hours there and we just …

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