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Aug 03

Back home… (Farida)

Salam sisters and brothers! I came home last Friday and it feels strange to be back. I cannot believe that 5 weeks already passed away! To be honest, I have not been alone since I came back because I do not want to face the loneliness. Although, today I feel that the emptiness has reached …

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Jul 23

Day 27 – Ramadan Kareem (Farida)

Salam! Langkawi last weekend was awesome! The trip was exhausting though, but when we finally arrived I was amazed by the nature. It was so green and full of life! We later rented a car and saw a lot of beautiful places on our way to the hotel. My favorite place was the green covered …

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Jul 20

The evening of Ramadan – One week left of SMA Summer Camp!

Salam everyone, Looking back on the two weeks since last time I wrote, a lot of things have happened and we’ve been through both good and bad experiences along the way. First of all, I’d like to wish Saini a speedy recovery from you illness. We all miss you! This year’s summer camp has really …

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Jul 18

Day 23 – Steady and strong (Khai)

Assalamulaikum, 3 weeks passed by, basic Islamic courses enrich my knowledge further on Islam.  From Islamic Worldview to Science of Quran, I have gained much from this course to become a better Muslim. Struggle after struggle; homesick, late night studying, headache, flu, and depression, my friends and I managed to survive the toughest 3 weeks …

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Jul 10

Day 15 – Confusing!! (Boudour)

Salam! My turn to blog yesterday! But the most awful thing happened so I didn’t.. (which is why I’m writing right now to make up for it. anyways…) Yesterday was the longest day in my life! We had a long day as in many lessons and it felt like it would never end. But it …

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Jul 09

Day 14 – Looking back on two weeks from the passenger seat

Assalamulaikum, We’ve now completed 2 full weeks of Summer Camp and are already almost half way! Time does fly especially since the days are so intense and as students, some days you don’t have time to do more than eat, study and sleep! To compensate for this, the students get to go on field trips …

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Jul 08

Day 13 – Destiny (Farida)

Salam, week 3 now and that means 4 new subjects and Langkawi! Today we had our last lecture in Islamic Creed (Aqidah) which is Islamic Theology. It was a heavy and exciting course, for instance destiny and the human being’s own choice of life was brought up in today’s lecture. Many complex questions were asked …

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Jul 07

Day 10 – Almost 2 weeks in Kuala Lumpur (Nabila)

Salam! We had our first exam last Friday and it was about Islamic Worldview. The Ustaz/professor told us to write an essay about what a Muslim should know about, and then we had to choose one topic to write. The topic could be knowledge, Allah and his creation, freedom according to Islam etc. Instead of …

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Jul 06

Day 9 – Spirituality (Saini)

Assalamualaikum! This is my second time writing and I can start this post with a brief introduction of myself. Like I’ve said before, my name is Saini and I’m soon to be 21. I live in Stockholm and I am currently in the early stage of taking my bachelor’s degree in social work. I have …

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Jul 06

Day 8 – Intense week!!!! (Boudour)

Salam! Bee here! I’m sorry I didn’t post anything Tuesday. But it’s been an intensive week! Like really, really, really intensive. We’ve had classes from 9 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon plus evening extra non-mandatory classes like tajweed etc… we had the last lesson (in Tuesdays) in “Sirah an-Nabawiyyah” (history of the …

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