Jun 23

Day 8:Waterpark

Today the group went to Sunny Lagon which basically is a water/amusement park. It was very big i must say but not still different from what i’m used to lol

Anyways inside the park they had loads of food to buy but for the doubbled price and the pool areas hadmusic if you just felt like relaxing. In the begginning i was strolling around with two other girls and Yasir. Most of the time spent together we were trying to find the other girls whom we had lost so the first three hours were wasted i’d say  lol. But later when we had our little reunion with the other girls we ran off together and all finally started to have some real fun!! :) ) I really loved us girls as a group the 12 of us get a long well together :)


Jun 22

Day 7:First school week, done!

Salam wa alejkom!

My name is Nadin Idris, I’m a  19 year old girl who just graduated high school. This is my first summer away from my family, scary? yes very much so but I’m  looking forward to it.. This is my side of view of this experience inshallah, you’ll enjoy reading it.

First friday in Kuala Lumpur

So today we had our first exams in the two courses we had this week which was Islamic Worldview and the Sirah of the prophet. The tests went well alhamdulilah nothing major, in the first course we wrote a mini essay and on the second one of the prophets history we had a multiple choice exam.

After  the exams and the Jummah prayer we took the metro to Pavillion which is a huge shopping mall. After have eaten a lovely lebanese meal we randomly ended up in Islamic Fashion Show there in the shopping mall, which was  exciting. Later on we went to a technology mall filled with really cheap technic gadgets and a even bigger mall called Times Square so big we didn’t even make it through one floor. It was a lovely  but exhausting day but I’m looking forward to more of these days!

Wa alejkom wa salam! / Nadin Idris



Jun 22

Day 6


My name is Kaoutar and im 21 years old, and im working back in Sweden.

Today we went to school, we got breakfast at their cafeteria. If you love rice you sure will love their breakfast, and their lunch, and even their dinner!

After that we went to class and had our lesson.

Several breaks after it was time for lunch, you can guess what we had =) however, after lunch we went to the Surau and prayed and took a nap until our lesson started again.

We were very tired this day so as soon as we came home we started studying for our Friday-exams and after that we went to bed.

We have about 2 weeks left until  Langkawi and i’m really looking forward to it.





Jun 20

Day 5:19th June


My name is Imane and I’m a 19 years old girl from Stockholm who just graduated last week!

We’ve reached our fifth day here in KL and we’re sloowly adjusting to the humid weather and time difference. Our school days are long and intensive allthough we’re still jetlagged we’ve learnt more about the history of the Prophet S.A.W and the Islamic Worldview. Today we finished school at 6 PM and went back to campus to eat dinner followed by some girls talk in the room. What’s better than bonding time?! :)

We’re halfway through the week and I’m looking forward to all the exciting adventures we have ahead of us insha’Allah!



Jun 18

Day 3: First day of School :)

Assalamo Aleikom Everyone!

This is Aya Zemzem writing and I’m glad to tell you some of my experiences of the first school day!

After settling down the day before, today we were preparing going to the campus apium where we were going to have our classes. We were all curious about the teachers, the content of the lectures and of course the coordinators! :)

We were warmly welcomed by all the professors, teachers and all the coordinators and we had a introduction were we got to see pictures of precious summer camps. The head coordinator and some of the professors held beautiful speeches welcoming us to one of Malaysia’s best ranked university.

We also got to present ourselves and tell them a little bit more about what we do in Sweden.

The first class we had was with Dr Wan Suhaimi, professor in Islamic Worldview which was the opening of Summer camp 2013 with a very interesting topic which made me open my view on different islamic thoughts. I look forward into reading and learning more about this subject!

After Islamic Worldview, we had professional Koran teachers coming to us and we were tested in which level we were on and after that we were divided into 4 groups. We are going to learn tajweed in these groups and inshAllah we will really benefit from it.

The first day was over very fast and we had an interesting day filled with different topics and we got to see how it works on SMA apium.


I really look forward the next coming 5 weeks and stay tuned to know about what we are doing here i wonderful Malaysia! :)


// Aya Zemzem Mohammed


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