Rules and Regulations

Since Summer Camp is a separate event from the other courses at API, some teachers might consider us guests rather than students. This might make them more reluctant to discipline our students even when the students may upset the teachers.

As Summer Camp participants, we should not demand special treatment but rather show the teachers our respect by learning the proper way of approaching our teachers according to the customs in Malaysia. As guests, it is actually we who need to adapt to our hosts customs rather than the opposite even though we will probably end up meeting somewhere in the middle.

The intention of Summer Camp is first and foremost to study. Therefore, to make sure that our students will get the best study environment as possible, there are some rules that the students must adhere to. Any breach of the rules and regulations might become a distraction for the other students. Should a student decide not to respect the rules once in Malaysia, he or she might ultimately be sent back home early at his or her own expense. For more details, see the “Disciplinary action” section.


Classroom behavior

Be on time Manners when speaking to lecturers/ seniors Language Technical Gadgets Natural Division of Males and Females  

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The curfew time for being back at the college is 10 p.m. during weekdays and 12 p.m. on Friday and on weekends. Should you spend a night outside of campus, please inform your coordinators about this. If you have errands outside of the college you are staying at after curfew, you will need a permission …

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Disciplinary action

Please note that all University Officers (including faculty, library staff, security staff, etc.) are empowered to give warnings or bar students who do not follow the rules of the University from attending any University function. Students may also be reported to the Student Affairs and Alumni Division, who might do either of: give a warning …

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Dress Code

The SMA dresscode is based on what is typical at an Islamic University in Malaysia. The dresscode applies: in and out of class during study visits and trips at all times while inside the campus area  

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Student Responsibilities

To make this course as good as possible for all students, each student has some responsibilities that they have to fulfill. Such responsibilities are: To participate in all classes and study visits To be on time for class and other activities To treat lecturers, coordinators and fellow students with respect To behave properly in and …

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