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Classroom behavior

  • Be on time
  • Manners when speaking to lecturers/ seniors
  • Language
  • Technical Gadgets
  • Natural Division of Males and Females

Be on time

Make sure to always be on time to classes and field trips. Since classes are very tightly scheduled, late arrivals might lead to delays for the other classes or the lecturer might not be able to finish his intended agenda. Should you arrive late, knock on the door and wait for someone to open. Should …

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Think about how you speak, what you say and how you say it. Remember that it is rude to speak in a language that someone in the group does not understand. If you have any problems with speaking English, trying to explain your thoughts in simple language is probably more appreciated than to turn to …

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Manners when speaking to lecturers/ seniors

Lecturers and official representatives should not be addressed by their names, unless they have given the students permission to do so. Lecturers should be addressed in a polite manner with either  “Ustaz”, or “Ustazah”. Seniors should be addressed by “Sir”, “Miss”, “Professor”, “Dr” or other titles applicable. Before interrupting a lecturer with questions, make sure …

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Natural Division of Males and Females

While in class, it is custom that the classroom is divided in the middle by the aisle. Usually females will take up one side while males take up the other. In some instances, males will sit in the front and females at the back.  

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Technical Gadgets

As always, mobile phones should be either switched off or put in silent mode when in class and during study visit presentations or briefings. It is very rude to answer a call when in the middle of a class or a presentation. Laptops may be brought into classrooms, however, lids should be closed during class …

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