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Manners when speaking to lecturers/ seniors

Lecturers and official representatives should not be addressed by their names, unless they have given the students permission to do so. Lecturers should be addressed in a polite manner with either  “Ustaz”, or “Ustazah”. Seniors should be addressed by “Sir”, “Miss”, “Professor”, “Dr” or other titles applicable.

Before interrupting a lecturer with questions, make sure he or she has invited the students to do so in advance. Some lecturers might say “interrupt me whenever you have any questions” while some lecturers leave some time at the end of the class for questions. Such a lecturer might lose the thread if lengthy discussion follows after a question. Whenever you think of a question- write it down first and see when it is fit to ask it. If outside of the class, you may post their question on the SMA Portal website, and the lecturer might answer it there, or on the next class.

If a question has been asked and the lecturer has started to answer the question, do not interrupt him or her while he or she is speaking. You might think that he is answering something that wasn’t ask for- but hear him out. Perhaps the point is in the end of the answer. In case he misunderstood the question, hear him out until the end, then ask a new question, perhaps rephrased so it cannot be misinterpreted.


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