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Disciplinary action

Please note that all University Officers (including faculty, library staff, security staff, etc.) are empowered to give warnings or bar students who do not follow the rules of the University from attending any University function. Students may also be reported to the Student Affairs and Alumni Division, who might do either of:

  • give a warning
  • issue a fine of a maximum 200MYR
  • suspend the student for a certain time period
  • expel students from the university.

Since the SMA coordinators are the ones who are with the students at all times, they also have the mandate to discipline students according to the following:


Missing class

Any missed classes apparently without a valid reason will result in a fine of 400 SEK. Your attendance at the Summer Camp is sponsored by SMA and you have also been selected above someone else. Therefore, choosing not to attend classes would be unfortunate as someone else could have been there in your stead. It …

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Missing curfew

A first offence will lead to a warning. Subsequent offences will lead to a fine of 200 SEK each time. Should the offences be repeated more than three times, the coordinators can decide to send the student home early at the student’s own expense  

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Not following the dress code

A reminder will be given at first offense A second offense will lead to a fine of 200 SEK Refusal to adhere to the dress code can lead to the student being sent home early at the student’s expense. Should there be a valid reason to not follow the dress code or if you would …

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Unacceptable behavior

Should the student’s behavior towards lecturers, coordinators or fellow students be deemed unacceptable, the student may be sent home immediately at the student’s own expense.  

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Violating classroom behavior rules

You will be reminded of the rule the first time. A second offence will lead to expulsion from the class. Should the behavior continue or if the student chooses not to respect the consequences, the student may be fined 400 SEK and/or be sent home early at the student’s own expense.  

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