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Student Responsibilities

To make this course as good as possible for all students, each student has some responsibilities that they have to fulfill. Such responsibilities are:

  • To participate in all classes and study visits
  • To be on time for class and other activities
  • To treat lecturers, coordinators and fellow students with respect
  • To behave properly in and out of class
  • To dress properly for the occasion
  • To adhere to the instructions of the coordinators

Further on, to make the most of the classes and get the maximum benefit in learning students are expected to:

  1. Prepare themselves properly before the class
  2. Actively ask questions in class
  3. Continue discussions on the Summer Camp Portal
  4. Prepare and sit for all exams

In addition, all the students will be in charge  of

  • writing in the Summer Camp Diary
  • preparing a short introduction for at least one study visit each and to prepare questions for them in advance
  • assisting the lecturers in class and making sure the class material are uploaded on the Portal

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