What we offer

Your fee covers the flight tickets, the tuition fees, accommodation and the mandatory field trips during weekdays. There will also be options for non-mandatory field trips during the weekends and other trips during your free time that is not covered. These trips will have to be paid separately. Food is also not included (but is rather cheap with European measure. Price ranges from 10 – 50 SEK unless you go to a very pricey restaurant)



Accommodations are divided in colleges which are small campuses within the main campus area of the University. We will be living in student dorms where students will share a dorm room with other students from the Summer Camp. The past two years we’ve lived in different colleges. The dorms are very basic with a bed, …

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Cafeterias and Eateries

Every College has a couple of cafeterias you can choose from. The food selection varies depending on the college but there are usually some local cuisine and some western food available (although it will not taste the same as in Europe, naturally). Ordering food from outside campus is also quite easy and will cost you …

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There are also canteens or cafeterias, small convenience stores, laundry service and prayer rooms (Suraus) in the nearby area. Outside the college area but inside campus, there are also plenty of sports facilities like courts for football, tennis, volleyball, badminton, handball etc. There are also a couple of gyms and a swimming pool available for …

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Mandatory field trips

  We have a couple of mandatory field trips during the weekday. Some of the places we have visited in the past are The Department of Higher Education (KPT), Putrajaya The Department of Islamic and Moral Education (JPIM) The Department of Islamic Development in Malaysia (JAKIM), Putrajaya The Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC), Petaling Jaya …

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Non-mandatory field trips

The non-mandatory field trips are trips organized by us with free transportation but where all the activities have to be paid by the students themselves. Our most popular field trip has been our Mosque tour where we visit some of the most beautiful mosques in Malaysia. To get a glimpse of these mosques, please browse …

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Our courses

The official syllabus for 2013 has yet to be decided but any changes will only be minor adjustments in hours per course. The level is very basic academic level and is meant to give a broad overview of what every topic covers. Many of these topics are studied for several years at University level so …

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