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Non-mandatory field trips

The non-mandatory field trips are trips organized by us with free transportation but where all the activities have to be paid by the students themselves.

Our most popular field trip has been our Mosque tour where we visit some of the most beautiful mosques in Malaysia. To get a glimpse of these mosques, please browse through our photo gallery.

We have also offered a day-trip to Melaka, the heart of Malaysia. This is a historical city that has kept a lot of the buildings from the colonial times as Malaysia has been a colony under the Portuguese, Dutch and Britts. There is also a beautiful mosque here situated on the water built on top of poles!


The Selat Mosque in Melaka


Langkawi – our get-away Weekend

The past two years, almost everyone has gone to Langkawi together for a weekend. Although the students have to pay for this themselves, it has been very appreciated! Langkawi is an Island in the north-west with several small islands around it. There is an opportunity to rent your own island where you can swim around …

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