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The official syllabus for 2013 has yet to be decided but any changes will only be minor adjustments in hours per course.

The level is very basic academic level and is meant to give a broad overview of what every topic covers. Many of these topics are studied for several years at University level so the intention during Summer Camp is not to get too deep into the different subjects. Inshaallah, you will get a chance to study some of these topics deeper in the more advanced levels of Summer Camp that we are planning for.

Since there’s so much to cover and only 5 weeks to do it, the pace is very intense during the days and there are also a lot of Arabic terms to remember to be able to follow the discussion during class. We recommend that you take time to study these terms before the Summer Camp to come better prepared.

A short presentation of last year’s curriculum will be presented below (for a more complete description, see our syllabus document):

Islamic World View: An introduction to how some world concepts are seen from an Islamic perspective. This course is an introduction to the other subjects and mentions a bit of the Islamic view on topics such as the world’s creation, religion, freedom, education, values and virtues.

Aqeedah (Creed or Faith): The “inner practices” of Islam. Like the 5 pillars of Islam, there are 6 pillars of faith (Iman).  This course also covers definitions like Ahlussunnah wa jamaah, the main groups in Aqeedah and more.

Akhlaq & Tasawuff (Ethics and Sufism): Presents the good and bad personal traits or characteristics, and the different levels of the nafs (soul). This course also looks at sufism in the sense of how to come closer to you Creator.

Ulum Al-QuranTafseer Al-Quran  (Science of Quran & Exegesis of the Quran): A look at what the Quran is and how to use Tafseer (exegesis) as an aid to help interpret the Quran.

Ulum Al-HadithHadith An-Nabawiyyah (Science of Hadith & Prophetic Hadiths): A look at the importance of Hadith, where it comes from and how they are graded as well as a study of of the most known Hadiths and the meanings of these.

History of Fiqh (Jurisprudence): Takes a look at Madhabs, a quick history about the great Imams, the everyday Fiqh and the different grades of what is permitted (Halal) and forbidden (Haram).

Fiqh Ibadah, Muslim Family & Finance: Is a subtopic of the History of fiqh where the onus is on the everyday practice (Ibadah) of the religion as well as a focus on the laws of marriage and financial transactions.

Sirah (History): Covers the history about our prophet and some of the most significant events during his lifetime.

Tajweed: The art of reading the Quran in the proper way.

Ibadah: A Question and Answers forum for everyday practice of our religion. Things that can be discussed are how to properly do the ablution (wudu), what parts are mandatory for a valid prayer to things like what is proper clothing etc.


For the complete Syllabus from the 2011 Summer Camp, click on the link below:





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